First Look: VFuel Endurance Drink Mix

First Look: VFuel Endurance Drink Mix

In case you haven’t noticed it’s August which means that it’s hot, at times really really hot. What you put in your bottle when it is hot? Water? Rookie. Gatorade? Cat 6. VFuel…

A teammate and I recently sampled the VFuel Black Cherry Cola endurance drink mix. VFuel comes in individual packets in a variety of flavors. I have already used their gels and really like them so I was expecting a similarly high quality product in the drink mix.

The first thing I noticed is that the packet does not have a perforated edge to make it easy to open. Unless you have razor-sharp incisors you will need scissors.

Once it was finally open, the drink mixed up easily. The flavor is good, not too sweet and just a little bit salty. I would say that the taste intensity is somewhere between Gu Roctaine and Scratch Labs. At first I thought that the flavor was too light but after a few hours in the saddle there was plenty of flavor. VFuel recommends using 20-25oz. of water per packet, so you could easily adjust flavor intensity by using half a packet or a smaller bottle, depending our your preference. In the future, I would add ice to mix because when it is hot, everything is better cold.

Each packet does have 200 calories so the whole bottle has about the same number of calories as a couple of standard gels. If you watch your calories closely on a ride, it’s important to include these in the calculation. The Black Cherry Cola is caffeine free which is good if you don’t always want to be pushing the caffeine. As with most drink mixes, especially those that are heavier on calories, I would not take this as the only hydration for a ride. Always take a bottle of regular water along.

VFuel could easily replace my other drink mixes, and I would have no problem pairing the drink mix with VFuel Endurance Gels to cover all of my nutrition needs for a race or moderate-length training ride.

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